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Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) was founded in 1896 and is the oldest of the regional Psychological Associations in the United States. NEWMAN (SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY) This study investigates the development of a new measure of stigma based on Kurtzban and Leary’s (2001) theory of the bases of stigmatization from an evolutionary perspective.Its sole purpose is to advance the science and profession through the dissemination of professional information about the field of Psychology. A fit Confirmatory Factor Analysis model revealed five dimensions in the scale regarding reasons for stigmatization, which were in turn associated with different affective states (e.g., anger and disgust).Its website boasts more than 13,000 internet dating sites around the globe and at least 30 million customers.Dumas is not the only Global Personals customer who got more exposure than they bargained for.

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EPA achieves this goal by conducting its annual meeting where the members of EPA present the latest advances in professional and scientific work to their colleagues. In addition, different stigmatized groups are found to correspond to distinct reasons for stigma and distinct affective states.

EPA welcomes psychologists from all fields across the discipline. Mc Clelland 1965-1966: Eliot Stellar 1966-1967: James E. am - am INDIVIDUATING INFORMATION DOMINATES STEREOTYPING IN EXPLICIT AND IMPLICIT PERSON PERCEPTION RACHEL RUBINSTEIN, LEE JUSSIM (RUTGERS UNIVERSITY -- NEW BRUNSWICK) Although the use of individuating information and stereotypes in explicit person perception has been examined, this research is the first to explore this topic in implicit person perception.

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