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I am not good with confrontation so I keep things inside when I get hurt, irritated or even mad.

But I am working on being more honest at that moment to help things go a lot smoother for all of my relationships.

Most veins, however, are considered to have been emplaced during late-stage fold tightening coincident with granite emplacement.

Radiometric dating (Ar-Ar: Amp, Bt, Ms; Re-Os: Aspy) also indicates vein formation was protracted, over 10s Ma, which may also account for complex trace-element zoning and paragenesis patterns produced from elemental maps of arsenopyrite.

Deformation and metamorphism of the strata record docking of Meguma with Avalonia during the Neoacadian orogeny (410-380 Ma) which culminated in intrusion of large volumes of both mantle- and crust-derived magmatic suites with the latter dominating.

Auriferous veins (quartz±-carbonate±sulfide±oxide±silicate) occur as a variety of types (i.e., en echelon, concordant, saddle) that reflect emplacement during a single, but protracted flexural-slip folding event in concert with fluid overpressuring, as evidence by crack-seal textures.

Western Seram is characterised by the association of regional-metamorphic terranes with extensive peridotites, and is traditionally described as a fold-and-thrust belt incorporating northward-obducted ophiolites.

Students need much practice in asking and answering questions before they can do it spontaneously to find out information from a partner.As I looked at a modern language textbook, I saw that it had mini-conversations of 2-3 lines. These conversations do not communicate anything other than grammar. Chris is looking at the car.” In reality, such conversations simply practice the recently introduced grammar of the unit.How much do you have your students practice asking and answering questions about common world language topics?How well do your students communicate in a conversation.