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Tyreman (top left), James Mansfield (top right), Thomas W.

Riley (bottom left) and Harry Taylor (bottom right) Wartime criminals Private J Horne (top) from the 4th South African Infantry and Private CP Brookes (bottom) from the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers are believed to be the first men to steal an aeroplane.

From racecourse pickpockets, murderers and two men believed to be the first people to try to steal an aeroplane, these mugshots reveal a stunning insight into criminals of the early 20th century.

Now, members of the public have been asked to help with information on the identity of the criminals from Yorkshire who are pictured in a series of mugshots kept in a book at the Teesside Archives in Middlesbrough.

They were also known as prolific car thieves British and Australian criminals operating in France during the First World War are also featured, along with two people 'believed to be the first men to attempt to steal an aeroplane'.

Dr Warwick said: 'This unique material provides a fascinating insight into criminal activity across a wide geographical range and spanning varying degrees of severity and nature, ranging from Leeds pickpockets to would-be aeroplane thieves.'We hope to understand more about the stories of those individuals featured in the mugshot book rather than simply labelling them as criminals.'Two of the mugshots belong to Randal Hargrave and Walter Gudgeon, who were reported in the Yorkshire Post for theft on February 20, 1923.

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