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‘Mc Kayla left a medal in London she really wants,’ said Erin, referring to the vault competition in which her daughter was unlucky to have only won silver. She’s got some unfinished business.’ Hero's welcome: Mc Kayla, left, and her coach Galina Marinova, right, are greeted by jubilant fans at the All Olympia Gymnastics Center upon their return from the World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, in October 2011 Bragging rights: Inside the All Olympia Gymnastics Center in Playa Vista, pictures of Mc Kayla adorn the lobby walls alongside framed photos of other legendary gymnasts, including Mc Kayla's gym coach, Galina Marinova (pictured) Erin Maroney also confirmed this week that Mc Kayla has signed to major talent agency William Morris Endeavour, joining a list of stars including music’s Taylor Swift, cinema’s Matt Damon and American sporting legends including Magic Johnson.

Erin’s mother is typically behind her daughter’s latest aspirations: ‘WME are great and will help her with whatever she wants to get into.

It was cute, in a weird-text-from-your-little-brother’s-friend kind of way.

I pressed a play button and my i Phone filled with a Patrick montage set to music.

Watching the procession of photos felt intimate, like Face Timing a friend, but also creepy, like hacking into someone’s phone. Patrick has a last name even your grandmother who’s never used an app would recognize — his dad’s a movie star.

But because we’d both been accepted to Raya, we could be chatting in just a few clicks, if we both tapped the heart on each other’s profiles.calls itself “an exclusive dating and networking platform for people in creative industries.” I’ve also heard it called “Illuminati Tinder.” Members are admitted by a secretive, anonymous committee, based in part on their Instagram presence.

While the folks at Denuvo are leaders in the field of video game protection, the same cannot be said about their website.

In an embarrassing blunder, the company has left some directories and files open to the public and right now members of the cracking community are downloading and scrutinizing the contents.

Raya isn’t the first online dating service to try to harness celebrity and status to cultivate an image of exclusivity — its strategy, however, seems shrewder than most.

The League, another private dating app, launched last year amid widespread media coverage and .1 million in seed money, and has attracted that’s elite by some standards but blandly corporate by others. Since it launched in March, it has stayed totally out of the press.

The people that gravitate to this are diverse, but also, generally, more (internet) famous than their counterparts on other dating services.

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