Why does windows explorer keep updating itself Sexlive web

Its also intensely annoying from a UX point of view, as attested by the 41 pages of comments on the bug thread on answers. No attempt has been made to fix it by Microsoft, presumably because they don’t really care if their OS actually works or not.

And I have done a fresh wipe and re-install only 3 months ago. There's this article that summarizes many of the known possible fixes to the problem.They are all different codes, but start with a $ sign. You can find this file in you local app folder: c:\Users\[your name]\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Media Player.What you can do with this file is mark a folder so WMP will ignore it and will not update any files stored in this folder.So people will be looking at file folders on a couple of different drives and one of the explorer windows just closes.They have to open explorer again and navigate to the directory.