Horny face time

As I said then, about this precious time period that falls somewhere between late spring and early summer, “You’ve emerged from winter.

You were wearing a lot of clothes and now you are wearing less clothes. You’ve even committed to exercising here and there to get the natural glow pumping back into your skin.” It can’t be so hot outside during the Horny Time that sleeping in bed next to someone isn’t enjoyable — some hookup might think the AC is too high or they can’t believe you don’t have an AC at all what is wrong with you.

The outdoor bar isn't always open but it's no issue to order at the bar inside and bring stuff outdoors.

When female hormones go crazy, it can trigger everything from mood swings, to weight gain and tiredness.

If our collectively manic reaction to Rihanna really in some blurry photos taken by a mouth-breathing paparazzo is any indication of where we’re at right now, the Horny Time in 2017 is more charged, more electric, and more horny than it’s ever been.

But how do you figure that out when you're standing across the room from a girl, or you're deep in conversation with her?

, you pick up the phone to call your honey at home in the hopes of a little cellular nookie.

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