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This expression is derived from Aesop’s fable in which three animals joined forces with a lion for a hunt.When dividing their quarry, the lion claimed three fourths as his: one fourth as his just share, one fourth because of his great courage, and one fourth for his lioness and cubs.Last season saw the lowest number of arrests at English league games since records began in 1985 in part because most of the scraps taking place between rival groups of fans happen miles from the ground and are rarely spotted by the media.2010’s battle between Chelsea’s notorious Headhunters hooligan firm and Cardiff City’s Soul Crew was the rare exception – a sprawling fight between the two firms spilled on to the King’s Road, leading to police horse charges, high-profile arrests and jail sentences.I'm always surprised that she hasn't become a household name like Jenna Jameson.Do you need a speedwedding or a private romantice one?You could have read the same headlines for international football tournaments at any time over the last 30 years.But this time round the difference is that it’s not English fans expected to cause the trouble, its Poles and Ukranians.

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Best so far is 11 days from we received the paperwork to the couple was married!

You get given the dates every August and you have to wait months, counting off the weekends.

City boy and Millwall fan Gary, who has been in rehab for five years – coming off the cocaine and the booze – agrees, and says that giving up fighting is the hardest thing of all.

This expression, dating from the 1500s, alludes to the practice of marking the ears of cattle and sheep to show ownership.

An even older example of “earmarking” comes from Exodus 21:6:lion’s share The largest portion; a disproportionately large share; all or most.