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I think about gathering the books we already had around the house, and how much that one act of kindness impacted my child.

My niece Kelsi is a little new to this water balloon thingy and didn't quite get it. Logan was so happy to be in charge of getting new balloons to the players.

That was pretty entertaining, but people watching is a close second.

So we sat on a bench studying the passers by and attempted to guess what kind of people they were and the types of relationships they had with those accompanying them.

And, oddly, it all started on the VERY DAMN DAY of my last post, which shows you precisely how long it's taken me to come to terms with this mess. And, I've been fucking dreading saying this to you, sweet internet, because I hate to disappoint anyone. And, allow me to tell you why: because I am a big enormous coward, THAT is why. And because I really did have my reasons for being gone so long. (Not that the break up isn't bad, but, it's not DEATH, even when it feels like it sometimes.) Anyways, many happy returns!! First thing at work today, um, besides work..not really, FIRST THING, was to call my husband and let him know you're back up and running and to check out your post. ;) Tis very nice to "see" you and also to see that you are just fine. Sorry to hear about the breakup - you have survived though & I know much better lurks ahead. I'm sure Bo has developed some new tricks to amuse all of us. I just got out of a loooong term thing too, basically same reason, although I'm pretty sure he was having a torrid love affair with his Xbox when I wasn't around. I'll echo everyone else and say that I'm so glad you're back, and I look forward to more stories. I took to posting photos of tea, installing my wine fridge as a nightstand and forgetting about a haircut. I love reading your stuff and look forward to many many more posts! Miss Doxie, it makes me sad that in the midst of a personal crisis, you were under the added burden of worrying about how your readers would react. Please don't at all feel you have to apologize to any of us. So may much more of it head squarely in your direction, crash headlong into you, and your world be nothing but puppies and rainbows. I know that I owe everyone an explanation as to my absence, and I'm tired of being alienated from my own website. I'm so glad she wasn't, and I'm so glad you're entering Doxie 2.0 and are happy. And OF COURSE you are enough by yourself for this here website, silly girl! But you're totally right, you should have someone who just wants to be with your fabulous self, and you're so awesome, I bet you'll have a line of someones waiting outside your door as soon as you're ready for them! I am sorry for what you went through, and as my nearest and dearest lesbian friend would say "Boys are dumb and stupid." Pretty much her response to anything male related. :) You were one of the first blogs I ever bookmarked and have always been my favorite! You're so perfect that you truly are one of those people I wish I could hate, but totally love and I don't even KNOW you! You were in my prayers that all was OK for hear you've come to the other side of it. I sincerely hope you find it, but until then, look forward to Doxie 2.0 and all of the upcoming adventures and short (geddit, short..dauchsands...heh) stories:) We love you over here, girl and missed the hell outta you! I've been dreading this entry for a long time, but it finally occurred to me that, hell. " had me rushing over here to see if she was just playin' with me. I am sorry, and I will be sending metaphorical boxes of wine your way soon! I was, like, THISCLOSE to deleting you from my feed reader two days ago. And then I read your post - and am sad for you being so sad. But, you've given me hope that I too can come out on the other side of this and feel happy again. I'm so sorry to hear about you and Dukay, but you absolutely do deserve someone who is gung-ho about you, and I trust that you will find him. But seriously, it is the dogs that make me squirt wine out my nose..some "two legger." So, now that you're back, how 'bout an update on the "four leggers"? I was so excited, I quickly dropped the actual work I was doing, and pulled up this site. I'm so glad things are better for you (they are for me as well) - and they'll just keep getting better. I hope it doesn't sound selfish, considering the subject matter, but it did brighten my day immeasurably to see a new post from you. Also you for having such a clear heart to celebrate like a good sister. Anyone who gives you hard time about it or makes you feel like less of a person because of it is completely full of crap. :) Glad you're back and hoping to hear more crazy stories that leave me peeing in my chair at work. You have brought so much happiness (and coffee snarfed into the keyboard) for so many - you deserve all the happiness in the world yourself. i literally screamed w joy when i saw you had updated. I am so sorry to hear about you and Dukay, but yeah.....happens and it sucks and it kills you a little and then you move on, because you have to an you are fabulous and you deserve nothing less than what you see in Ziz and Bob! I thought we had lost another great blogger there for awhile! And I hate being anyone's 340th comment, so this is a testament to how much I missed Miss Doxie. Given the fact that I’ve been abstinent since un SCruz in May, I LOVE the idea of having a “great” deal of pleasure coming my way. Albert and I enjoyed dinner and a movie with our friends Kevin & Andrea over the weekend.