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The GXP2200EXT is the ideal solution for users that manage high call volumes, including executives and receptionists.

By using the GXP2200EXT the telephone attendant can maximize productivity by efficiently monitoring and dispatching multiple incoming calls.

- Panasonic IP phone - Vo IP support: IETF SIP version 2(RFC3261 ands companion RFCs), Broad Works R15 / Broad Soft, Asterisk - Codec: G.711a-law / G.711m-law / G.722(wideband) / G.729a / G.726(32K) - Network interface: (1) 10 / 100 base-T auto MDI / MDIX Ethernet LAN port - Provisioning HTTP / HTTPS / FTP / TFTP and local / remote WEB configration - Qo S support: DSCP, TOS - Menu driven user interface - Direct handset call buttons - US-DECT 1.92GHz - 1.93GHz (for USA and Canada), EU-DECT 1.88GHz - 1.90GHz - Expandable up to 6 handsets - Support for up to 8 registrations - Simultaneous voice calls - 2.5mm headset jack - Grouping handset: handset select for receiving call - Handset and number select for making call - Redial - Do not disturb - Anonymous call (CLIR) - Anonymous call rejection - Calling party name and number presentation (CLIP, CNIP) - Call rejection - DTMF dialing during call - 3 Party conferencing - Call transfer - Call hold - Call forward unconditional/ user busy/ no answer - Call waiting - Distinctive ringing - Ringtone selection - Use with your broadband connection for Skype calls - Use with your phone line for standard calls - Get the full Skype experience on your handset - Skype certified - Direct access to Skype contact list - Skype call forwarding - Conference between standard line and Skype - 200 Entry contact list - 2.5mm Headset jack - Redial/mute/flash - 1 Year manufacturer's warranty - Silver ACCESSORY HANDSET: GE-28311EE1is a next generation, stylish SIP video phone with a large adjustable color display LCD screen, VGA or CMOS resolution cameras, and real-time bandwidth-efficient H.264/H.263 video codec that renders stunning picture quality over public Internet.

features an adjustable advanced VGA resolution camera sensor (with 1-touch ON/OFF switch for privacy control), a razor-thin 5"6-inch TFT color LCD with stunning picture quality (2-dimensionally rotatable to allow nearly all viewing angles), 5 navigation keys, 3 line indicators (each of which supports independent SIP account), visual voice/video message indicator, hands-free speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation, dual 10M/100M Ethernet ports (switch or router mode configurable), 2 USB ports, 2.5mm headset jack, and RCA style audio/video output jack to allow simultaneous video output to TV.

DT 700 and DT 300 Series of IP Desktop phones are intuitive interfaces that help employees be more efficient.

– Scalability- adapts to the size of your business and possible future changes in the size of your business – Customizable for each single user preference – XML open interface support – Access to advanced applications – Easy to use, intuitive interfaces – Vo IP and digital voice support – Bluetooth interface for peripheral equipment – Audio key action for visually impaired users – Full range of models, with customizable side panels and keypads – XML open interface support – Auto-configuration – Wide band audio – Optional adapters: ADA, DSS, PSA, 60DSS – Security enabled authentication control – 802.1x (MDS) – Terminal data protection capabilities NEC DT770G terminal is a device that integrates with mobile devices- cell phones and tablets and allows the user to access the functions of both devices.

The GXP2135 includes up to 32 digital, on-screen speed dial/BLF keys to help users be more productive and efficient.

These series of telephones work with Univerge SV8000 communication servers. You can increase the coverage simply by adding a DTL-RPT repeater to the system.

Ideal for workers who handle high-call volumes, the GXP2135 is an enterprise-grade IP phone that supports Gigabit speeds and up to 32 virtual BLF/speed-dial keys.

This Enterprise IP Phone features up to 8 lines/line keys and 4 SIP accounts using a 2.8 inch color display LCD and full HD audio.

These handsets provide a flawless interference free voice communication, which could be added to n existing Wi-Fi network – cost-efficient.

Both handsets can provide more coverage by adding an 802.11a operating device in the 5.0 GHz band.