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Giving you a good look of my precious pearl, I sat on the floor and opened my legs all the way.I began talking to you in my sweet voice and eventually told you to free your cock from your pants so I could see him in the flesh.Most people would most likely send a forgiving pictures when asked to exchange pics before with someone we met on a chatline, and that is totally A-Ok.But these callers took this game of deception to a whole new level.

We’re all guilty of posting our most flattering pictures on Facebook while intentionally filtering out the more realistic ones.

In the examples below, the pictures on the left are the ones that where sent prior to the date.

On the right, the actual photograph taken at the spot of the date showing the real person who arrived at the meeting.

Thanks to the Slut Walkers demo, as of Saturday the word "slut" has been baptised, washed of its sluttish meaning by the latest super-cleaner.

Now when we tell our daughters not to dress like slappers, they will answer back, eyes flashing with disdain for our hopelessly outdated view of women and men. I watched footage of the strutting popsies (some with their trendy mums) and am baffled and unsettled. It all began in Toronto after a Canadian policeman said provocatively dressed women risked sexual assault.