Children answer questions about dating and marriage

Long, passionate kissing definitely should be avoided.

And French kissing is out--it's purpose is to be passionate and suggestive, not to express pure affection (plus, the stuff with the tongues just seems tacky, in my opinion).

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When dating, questions about marriage, conflicts about social media, and many other issues can start to rise. Tim Muehlhoff tackle these questions within the context of dating. Has God chosen one specific person for me to marry? Research has shown that people feel more connected to others simply because of their smartphones. Tim Muehlhoff discuss common sense ways to find this balance in the age of constant connection. It's not that technology is bad, the problem is that the poor use of it can negatively impact our relationships. Tim Muehlhoff discuss the pros and cons of current technology and how they influence our relationships.

How you handle these questions and conflicts inevitably shape your relationship. Yet, with the use of smartphones and other technologies on the rise, we also need to create healthy boundaries and balance when it comes to our relationships. While technology makes it easier to connect with those who are far from us, if not used wisely, it can also make it more difficult for us to stay connected with those who are near to us. Relationships are hard work, and parenting is certainly no exception. Tim Muehlhoff explore the different seasons of parenting styles and offer practical ways to foster healthy relationships with your children.

There might not be anything wrong in their mind, but a misspoken word could sow the seeds of doubt in both your minds.

So let's talk about the subject of “difficult relationship questions”.

Children answer questions about dating and marriage